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Here are some of the other 3D movies that were among the biggest-earning films in 2010.


Alice in Wonderland. This film became the top grosser of director Tim Burton’s career, making $334 million in the US and $690 million abroad, for a total box office gross of $1.02 billion worldwide. It is also currently the second ever highest-grossing live-action 3D movie.


Toy Story 3. The last film in the successful Pixar series earned $400.8 million in domestic box office and $539.3 overseas, for a total box office take of $940 million, making it the highest-grossing animated film ever released.
Shrek Forever After. Also billed as the last installment of a successful animated series, the film made $237 million domestically and $440.5 million in foreign markets, for a total worldwide box office take of $677.7 million.
How to Train Your Dragon. If this list seems dominated by animated films, it may be because the 3D format seems uniquely suited for films aimed at family audiences. The second Dreamworks film to be ranked among the top earning 3D movies for 2010, it made $217.6 million in the US and $270.5 million abroad, putting its worldwide total at $488 million. Nintendo 3DS Roms - Emulator - R4 N3DS Flash Card


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